Astrology sign for gemini

Playful and intellectually curious, Gemini is constantly juggling a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups.

Gemini Facts

They are the social butterflies of the zodiac: These quick-witted twins can talk to anyone about anything. Find them buzzing between happy hours, dinner parties, and dance floors. Gemini season begins on May 21, a day that ushers in the heat and electricity of summer. Gemini is accordingly excellent at guiding change and transformation.

These curious twins are terrific pioneers, using their energy to spearhead innovative creative projects.

A fearless thinker, Gemini is always down to try something new. Both Gemini and Virgo are governed by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication. Despite sharing a planetary ruler, however, these two signs are opposite in their approaches: Gemini expresses emotions externally, whereas Virgo processes internally. Gemini is all about output, so these twins love to chat and often speak with their hands which happens to be the body part associated with Gemini. Communication is paramount for them, and they require fluent streams of transmission.

They love texting and tweeting almost as much as they love talking IRL. In fact, the act of expression is often even more important to loquacious Gemini than what is actually being said, and they must remember to be thoughtful with their words. Another incredible Gemini quality, however, is that these natural chameleons can quickly recover from even the most shameful foot-in-mouth moments. Gemini moves too fast to care about embarrassing missteps: They simply move on. For instance, they might meet up with a new person.

Thus, they might get tired of the whole situation. On the turn of a moment, a Gemini personality may have extreme mood swings. They are very prone to it.

They will then become cynical and bitingly critical of whomever they happen to interact with at that point of time. This destroys many good relations. To make matters worse, Gemini characteristics show they can also be extremely short-tempered. Geminis also love to gossip. Often, they carry out tales of accusations from one person to another. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Try The Quiz Now!! This couple will get along well at first but can become rebellious later. The Gemini and Taurus match are exact opposites with one being a homebody while the other is a party animal. The Gemini male and female do bond well in a relationship. They are like lovers, married companions, as also friends, all rolled into one! Test Now! The Cancer zodiac initially attracts the Gemini.

21 Personality Secrets of Gemini Zodiac Sign

The twin star sign finds the Virgin solid and dependable and feels they can manage their homes after marriage. Both Gemini zodiac and Libra are air signs, and that makes for good compatibility. This is a compatible zodiac match. Both are social, love to talk, extroverts and ready for an adventure at all times. Gemini zodiac sign and Capricorn do not make a perfect partnership. The Sea Goat has a severe and reserved nature, which is the polar opposite of the Twin. Gemini zodiac sign and Aquarius make up good partners.

The twin loves to talk on any subject. And, the Aquarius is equally adept at listening to any new issue.

Find Positives and Negatives of your Zodiac Sign- Gemini

A Gemini with Pisces combination looks at four personalities at the same time. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Gemini are good for people who are looking for wit.

They love little sparks of joy to spice up their love life. Instead of pure romanticism or physical sensuality, a Gemini lover may be an ideal choice. Extremities are the hallmarks of a true blue Gemini personality. Above all, a conservative and homely person is a big bore for the Twins. However, Gemini zodiac sign can also be extraordinarily devoted and romantic towards their partners in some cases!

The Personality of a Gemini, Explained

They are naturally curious by nature. They will continuously strive to find out your likes and dislikes. The Gemini horoscope shows that these people will do well in artistic fields like acting, painting, radio jockeys or media. They also have excellent people skills making them excellent PR managers or creative advertising heads.

Their range of careers is genuinely remarkable, provided they work with something that generates their true interest!

Gemini Season Will Be a Breath of Fresh Air—Here's How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini zodiac and money are related to one another in a curious sort of way. Geminis are very sweet talkers. However, some of them may use this skill for mischievous purposes. They are adept at acting and telling white lies. Geminis love spending their money on anything that catches their fancy now and then.

The Gemini men and Gemini women are poor at managing accounts and leave it best to their partners. They do not have the time to sit down and do so.

Surprisingly, however, Geminis are fortunate people. And, some money making scheme always crops up for them. Generally, this ideally suits them the best. Gemini zodiac sign rules over the hands and fingers. Thus illnesses related to joint and bones are common.