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Using the birth data which is comprised of birth date, time, and place, I construct an astrology chart which I then use to create a custom mandala based on the unique characteristics of the individual. Evolution inspires me. Progress and expansion on an intellectual and spiritual level are very motivating for me.

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I firmly believe that we owe it to ourselves to live up to our fullest potential and expand our minds in ways in which they have never been before. The circle is important because it has no hard edges or angles to it. It is a warm enveloping form that nurtures and protects. It is a universal form that exists physically and metaphorically in every aspect of life; from the planet to the universe; to the circle of family, friends and community.

Is your work a constant reminder of the Earth due to the shape and nature of what you create? The two are completely connected; physically and metaphorically. When thinking about our planet, how are you inspired to take care of it and how does your work relate? We can save ourselves and our planet ultimately.

We have been messing up our home and we need not.

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Yes I do, whenever possible. I use water colors and recycled high-density papers from recycled materials. What does the Green Movement mean to you? It is the future of all that we are. Without recognition to it and forward motion towards embracing it, we are doomed. Has any one green practice become second nature, something you personally do every day?

Respect for others. Respect for the planet and tolerance for all people. What green practice do you recommend readers try? Is there an eco-friendly product you use in your home that you would recommend? I think being green starts at the personal level with regard to relationships to others. As an independent artist what is your greatest challenge? My greatest challenge is raising awareness of my art and mission.

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The message and mission are very solid and worthy since they involve the forward movement of humanity. However, I am bound by limited resources and exposure.

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Great interview, beautiful art, and reverence for the universe — what more could one ask for? Peace, Judi.

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Thanks for checking him out, glad you enjoyed it I think he truly speaks to how to live in harmony with everything and to me there is nothing more green. What is the inspiration behind the creation of your mandalas? If so, why?

Birth Chart: Chris Flisher (Aries)

How does your background in astrology relate to your artwork? Astrology uses circles and cycles, aspects and angles to interpret the events and challenges we all face. It is an art and a science. The science part is provided by the exactitude of the planets and their placement in the astrology chart. All degrees and angles are scientific. However, the art of astrology comes from the interpretation. Much like medicine, astrology is a combination of fact and interpretation. How the angles, transits, and relationships of the moving planets impact us is understood by the wisdom of the astrologer.

It is the cycle of continuous change and expansion that fascinates me. Astrology is foundational in my view of my art and evolution in general. What is the creative process behind your custom drawings? What is important to you about the circle? What is your advice to a fellow artisan who is new to their industry? Be true to your vision and purpose.

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Always follow your intuition. Beware of glitter. Do you have an online presence where your work can be viewed? All my work is on-line at www. You can contact me at chris chrisflisher. I can also be reached at I frequently display at local galleries and events.

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Human Design is a means to see our energy flow revealed. It is a synthesis system channeled through in the 's. We can look at our unconscious side and see themes of reconstruction and improvement going on that we may not be very aware of. We can also look at the conscious side of our chart and identify what conscious agreements we have made to work with in this lifetime.

Once we learn our own chart it can then be a very powerful tool to understand the people around us and the effect we have on each other. This can be especially helpful for parents learning about how best to support their children and understanding our close relationships. Human Design is a young system and still evolving.

I am also integrating my own research along with new channeled material I am working on bringing through with my friend, Christopher Emmer , a highly gifted Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Intuitive Channel. A Human Design reading can bring great understanding about your energy type and ways to achieve success.