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Hmm, now where had I sensed this energy signature before? This M.

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Donald J. But so convinced of his righteousness was he that he just continued along doing what he does so well, which as far as I can surmise at this juncture appears to be talking out of his ass. It was right then and there he showed me the true measure of his character.

Donald Trump is a veritable Orcus-Palooza — Orcus is less than 3 degrees away from his Sun while being conjunct his North Node by less than 1 degree, too; a strong astrological marker the energy of this celestial body is indelibly entwined in his DNA for better or worse. Add in the fated Nodes to the equation and that cosmic energy will align with your destiny; again, for better or for worse. What are some key themes of Orcus energy?


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To say this is a troubling sign would be an understatement. Again, please keep in mind this book was written long before DJT ever threw his hat in the American presidential ring and Neal himself does not make this association; he merely objectively states what his very thorough research has unearthed about Orcus.

It was my own personal feelings and connection to this archetypal energy that had me making the link and I certainly have no wish at all for it to appear as if I were putting words in his mouth! Therefore it is my opinion that excluding Orcus from consideration and interpretation would prove a grave mistake in this case. Peas and carrots, it would seem. I came to this realization upon reading p.

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Currently, transiting Orcus is just about on top of it as we speak. America may indeed be on the threshold of its much-publicized Pluto Return, but first it has to get through Orcus. Especially if you are American or just want to better understand the energetic essence of what the USA is dealing with for the foreseeable political future, this is a must-read!

I loved this Alethea. Thank you for the lovely compliment, Meg! The duration of approximately one presidential term would seem about right in my book, with a sort of residual ripple effect going on.

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This statement may be controversial, but from a spiritual point of view I do believe there is a bigger plan and that we will get exactly what we need to get to where we need to go in the end. He is the president we need in order to provoke a deep and lasting self-reflection as to what got us to this point. I will be back astrologizing early in February. While writing this story, I convinced the producers that we should name the deity Orcus. They agreed and Orcus is the co-lead in the film played by Tom Wright.

Mythologically, Orcus is an Etruscan deity, essentially the equivalent of Pluto, with a specifically honed set of underworldly skills. Orcus maintained charge of oaths and took care of those who did not live up to their stated oath of participation, whether about business, in political office, concerning a consecrated relationship vow, or the incarnation agreement to show up and be a useful and contributing human being.

It occurred to me that in this week where I have a team of scores of technicians, crew and talent dedicated to the task of representing Orcus to the masses, it might be a good idea to have a look at him. That should be obvious. Orcus now transits 8 Virgo 45, retrograding, and coming off an array of oppositions with Neptune during this past year.

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These aspects blurred the lines of commitments made, promises proclaimed and specialized in innuendo and vague non binding inferences. Can one be held accountable for the undefined? Orcus will not likely be pleased with those who plead innocence or obliviousness to what they actually meant with what was said or implied, whether it was said or not.

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A week or so ago while watching the TV show Grimm , I was fascinated by the Neptune-Orcus quality of an oath taken by two of the lead characters in the show. It was basically an agreement to call the dogs off one another in a hostile relationship, and a mutual relationship person played a pivotal part in the solution.

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However, the crisis at hand resolved without the need for involvement of the relationship partner What about the intention of the vow?