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When he arrived, he was the last one and could only take twelfth place. In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth. Pigs might not stand out in a crowd. But they are very realistic.

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Others may be all talk and no action. Pigs are the opposite. Though not wasteful spenders, they will let themselves enjoy life. They love entertainment and will occasionally treat themselves. They are a bit materialistic, but this is motivation for them to work hard. Being able to hold solid objects in their hands gives them security.

They are energetic and are always enthusiastic, even for boring jobs. If given the chance, they will take positions of power and status. Men born in the Pig year are optimistic and gentle. They are very focused. They are not the best with money. Though cool-headed, they are also gullible. They trust others easily and are often scammed. This can cause them to lose a fortune. These men are also quiet. This results in a large social circle.

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Whenever they run into difficulties, there are always people who stand up to help. Though people will lie to them, more will love them. Women born in the Pig year are full of excitement. They attend social events whenever possible and treat everyone genuinely. However, they are sometimes over-friendly. In their excitement, they can forget to give others personal space. They also have good fortune with wealth. As long as they keep at it, the efforts will not go to waste. At home, they are highly organized. These women love children too. Playing with children is one of the things that bring them the greatest joy.

With the Goat, there are many common interests and topics. Pigs and Snakes have clashing personalities and are the least compatible. The relationship is full of tension. Pigs are gentle and rarely lose their temper. Because their goal in life is for everyone to live in harmony, they are suitable for careers related to charity and fundraisers. They are also very tolerant and understanding. They are patient and want the best for everyone. This makes them great teachers and coaches.

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If Pigs are interested in business, they should be braver. Take some risks in investments, but to an extent. After some small obstacles, the road to wealth would be smooth.

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Real estate is a good option for these Pigs. Pigs mostly have a great build and a resilient body.

Areas of Contraction and Lessons in Simplicity:

They are always spirited, as if they will never run out of energy. Their natural health is something Pigs are proud of. But sometimes they can be overconfident and overlook some minor symptoms. If neglected for too long, even the smallest things can become grave. In addition, Pigs lead very busy lives. They may be at risk for respiratory diseases. Unhealthy diets can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems too. Pigs are never one to give in to difficulties. This is a positive trait in the workplace, but might not be here.

For good health, Pigs must learn to take small illnesses seriously and get regular checkups. The Year of the Rat will surely be better for the Pig. Now that a new year is on the horizon, Pigs can look to the skies and eagerly await a better tomorrow, especially for the second half of the year. Opportunities may present themselves at any time, so look forward to what is ahead. Take note, however, as a few unlucky stars are bearing down on you for the year; expect difficulties keeping your temper and concentration.

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Do everything you can to focus on the good for the year. Deploy your positive energy and enthusiasm to hone in on your goals. If that means a promotion, new job, or raise, get to it, and in short order, you should see real change. Dedication and hard work will be required throughout the first half of the year—especially in the first few months which will test your limits but know it will be worth it.

With a strong foundation, the rest of the year will propel you over the top, and the promise of success will be yours! Nothing is perfect, however. In your career, stress will take its toll. When you can, take small breaks here and there for a refresher. Remember, a day off once in a while is a good thing. Take care of yourself. Get ahead of the problem and figure out ways for yourself to focus better and maintain concentration.

For example, set alarms for deadlines, study in the library to avoid distractions and work when you are most productive.

PIG brings a Big Gift to the HORSE in 2019 - Know Everything

If you put your mind to it, you can do it. To stay healthy this year, Pigs must be vigilant in taking care of themselves, paying particular attention to their digestive and the urinary systems. Take care when choosing restaurants and food trucks or markets; look out for unhealthy working environments or unhygienic practices. If food service workers are not wearing gloves, hair nets, or the conditions are dirty, do not eat there.

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  7. Food poisoning will get you down at some point during the year. When it does happen, refuel yourself with electrolytes, water, and salty crackers. Because Pigs tend to laze around when given a chance, do your best to keep moving. Exercise is valuable for everyone. Get ready; as this year, Pigs will experience the absolute best luck of all zodiacs in terms of love. Passion will follow you wherever you go, for singles and married alike.